Accept Consortium
Tuesday the 21st of May 2019
Who We Are

Accept is a consortium of four leading community based psychotherapy and counselling agencies operating in Islington. We have excellent track records of delivering time-limited, high-quality, culturally and gender appropriate psychotherapy and counselling services to adults and families. Find out more about our services.

Accept Consortium members

Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre

Nafsiyat offers short-term therapy to people from diverse backgrounds in their own languages. Its therapists can offer sessions in 24 languages.

Women's Therapy Centre

The Women's Therapy Centre offers psychotherapy to all women, regardless of sexual orientation, disability, cultural or social background, immigrant status, previous psychiatric history or age.

The Maya Centre

The Maya Centre provides short and long-term counselling to women who have experienced severe trauma, gendered violence, and mental health issues.      

Camden, City, Islington, Westminster Bereavement Service (CCIWBS)

This is a confidential service open to bereaved people regardless of age, sexuality, ethnic origin, culture or religion. The service aims to provide support to people who are not used to seeking help through counselling.

Funded by NHS North Central London
Funded by Islington Clinical Commissioning Group